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South African Plant Medicines
and Practical Herbalism

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Welcome to my Medicine Blanket!
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These traditional medicines have been brought from South Africa by the Bush Ninja. Each has an ancient history of human use even though little known in the west.
It is an absolute pleasure to share some of the oldest human medicines!

Bush Ninja Chronicles

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Check out what some humans have to say about us!

"This man is the real freakin deal man my friend told me to come check him out during Okeechobe and it was the best part of my festival! He is so intelligent and humble defiantly the coolest person I have ever met and his life story is amazing you must check him out!!"
Will Clark
Alex is incredibly knowledgable about the healing properties of plants. I had a lot of questions and he was patient and thorough with his answers. He's quite fun and entertaining as well! "
Tracy Weiss

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